Does Slim Fast Diet Plan Work

The Slim Fast Diet Plan is exactly what it says it is, a diet plan. Well, there are some things you should know about before you start spending your hard earned dollars on a drink and diet plan that has many people questioning its value and asking themselves, “Does Slim Fast work?”

One of the first things that pops into your mind when you hear “diet plan” is “hunger” and all the other connotations that come along with dieting. According to numerous comments on the diet review websites, blogs and forums, the most common theme among reviewers is the hunger the program left them with.

Despite the official website’s claim that it’s “a weight loss plan that lets you eat six times a day – Hallelujah!”, the reality for many is lasting hunger pangs regardless of the 6 allowed moments of ingestion.

While some may not consider this to be a serious pitfall, there are serious consequences to hunger induced replacement foods, which is exactly what the plan is.

For instance many people want to lose weight fast and potentially at a pace that can be dangerous to their long-term health and well-being. There is countless data that identifies health problems associated with weight loss by dieting and the most common is simply not getting the right balance of nutrition.

Here is a sad story told by one person:

“I’ve known at least half a dozen people that have been very dedicated to a slimfast diet. None of them have ever maintained weight loss. If they did lose, they gain it back when they start eating again. But most of them did experience an initial loss.

The worst case I know of is my grandmother. She actually lost cognitive abilities because she was drinking slimfast and not getting proper nutrition. She is now in a nursing home where they feed her properly and her mental abilities have improved greatly. But some damage from the lack of nutrients in the slimfast diet is permanent. She drank it for years and years.”

Of course personal responsibility, level of discipline and education plays a major role in anyone’s dieting outcome and the diet plan is no exception.

Take the foregoing story for what it’s worth – maybe a worst case scenario, but it does underscore the point – dieting can be dangerous without the proper understanding of the individual dieter’s circumstances. And the Slim Fast recall doesn’t help any either.


So what is one to decide about the ever-popular Slim Fast? This is not the prom queen contest where popularity is the only thing that matters – but in this case your vote is the only one that matters. You can be the prom queen or king and prance out of the “Slim Fast diet plan ball” on your accord, get your life back, start eating and living again.

You have seen the typical disclaimers recommending you consult your physician before making the decision to shed weight as fast as you can. This is good advice but keep in mind that most doctors do not have the formal nutrition education you might think they have. This is another topic for another day, but the reality is most doctors are AMA (American Medical Association) good soldiers trained to think inside the AMA box.

They are not trained to do preventative medicine; rather they are trained to treat current patient conditions. Think for yourself and do your own homework.

A good place to learn how to stop dieting and start eating to lose weight is right here.

Acid Reflux in Children

Acid Reflux in Babies

Many families go having young children with frequent vomiting and they don’t understand why this happen. Many general pediatricians frequent change the formula or diet and the child continues to vomit. Our effort was to provide the most update medical tools and health tips from the first thing families or pediatricians need to know before changing formula, diet or beginning medications to all available therapies for this condition. Reading this E-book section, you will learn why this condition happens, how to eliminate it and prevent it.
Treating Acid Reflux in Children

The first goal of reflux therapy should be to focus on feeding volume and to schedule feeding-time intervention. Infants should drink from 0.5 to 0.6 oz/kg (0.25 to 0.27 oz/pound) per feeding every 3 hours during the first 6 months then decrease to every 3.5 hours from the ages of 6 months to 12 months. It is important to appreciate that feeding every 3 hours gives a total of 8 feedings per day, which is a big difference from feeding every 2 hours which gives 12 feedings per day, and the ingestion of 15 to 20 % more than recommended. It is also important to ensure that all caregivers know and follow the scheduled recommendations.

Why Antioxidant Drinks Are Good For Your Health

Antioxidant drinks, especially ones that consist of the infamous acai berry have become the wave of the future. Getting and staying healthy has become a movement among people of all ages, gender, and ethnicity. Primarily, this is because the cost of health care continues to rise, our nation’s health is deteriorating before our eyes, and people are tired of popping pills for every ailment. The time when people just accepted a prescription from their physician and not asking questions or giving resistance is coming to a halt. More people are finding alternative methods, in my opinion much healthier, ways to improve their health (i.e. reduce cholesterol, improve blood pressure, lose weight).

antixoidant drinks

You might be asking what are antioxidants? Well, antioxidants help us rid our bodies of existing free radicals (or rust if you will) that attack and weigh down our body’s healthy cells. The more we age, expose our self to excessive sun, eat processed foods, and have a diet lacking in fruits and vegetables, the more free radicals our bodies accumulate. Excessive free radicals in our body are known to cause different kinds of cancers and the increased inflammation we have in our bodies. Inflammation is what leads to high blood pressure, cholesterol, and other ailments. The only way to reduce or and prevent free radicals is having a diet high in antioxidants (fruits and vegetables).

As most of us know, there are very few humans who consume the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. The USDA recommends that we consume at least 7-13 servings a day for disease prevention. Less than 20% of the American adult population does this at all let alone a regular basis! NO wonder we have the highest rate of disease ever known to man and kids putting themselves at risk of dying before their parents! The statistics are far too sad and we need to do something about it.

antioxidant juice

So, what do we do? Of course, as a health professional I would encourage us to eat whole fruits, vegetables, and cut back on saturated fats in our diet. The only issue is that it is hard to find quality products grown without pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemicals that give us the nutrition we need. Also, with the hectic lifestyles that we lead today it is often hard to make healthy decisions everyday. Time and convenience, and lack of variety are some of the most commons reasons we don’t eat as many fruits as we should.

In order to compensate for the lack of nutrition, we need to find ways to consume fruits in a more convenient, taste-worth, and cost effective way. This is why I recommend that we all take a look at adding an antioxidant drink or beverage to our diet on a daily basis.

There are literally hundreds of antioxidant beverages on the market today but very few have the nutritional equivalence of acai berry juice blends. Personally, I consume an acai berry product that includes not only the infamous acai berry but also 18 other fruits just as nutritious.

If you are curious to know more about these products fill out my interest form and I will send you more information about the antioxidant drink I choose to supplement my diet.

Monday Motivation Promise to Self

Self motivation is always helpful to get you over the challenging times.  A few tips are to set mini goals for yourself and make a long-term promise to yourself.  You can see my promise below.

Do you have goals set for yourself?  Instead of talking about weight loss goals, let’s look at it a different way.  Set mini goals for yourself each day.  Some examples: I will workout today, of my five meals today two will be salads, or I will drink nothing but water all day.  These goals are immediate and will help you get closer to your longterm goals.


I will take care of ME
I will keep eating right
I will remember these are my GOALS
I will continue no matter what
I will keep SMILING
I will wake up each morning DETERMINED
I will go to bed with SATISFACTION
I will remind myself that I am not alone
I will push harder
I will NOT give up. EVER.

What are your mini goals for today?